Niagara Falls

Canadian Side | Fun Facts | Hornblower Niagara – Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour

Canadian Side

IMG_7623While on the Canadian side, prepare for gorgeous panoramas of both the American Falls & the Horseshoe Falls. There is nothing quite like standing on top of Horseshoe Falls (pictured left) with a strong breeze, constant rainbow, & the sounds of rushing water.

 Fun Facts:
  1. Between 1901 & 1985, ten people went over the Falls in a barrel. Seven were successful while three died in the attempt.
  2. Many fish go over the falls, & most survive. This is nothing more than an elevator ride for them.
  3. Erosion of Horseshoe Falls is estimated at 3-4 inches every 1o years. This means that one day, the falls will cease to exist. So you better get here to share in the experience!

Hornblower Niagara – Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour

IMG_0567Basically, the Canadian boat tour (Hornblower Niagara) wears red ponchos, while the American boat tour (Maid of the Mist) wears blue ponchos – Besides that, i think the boat rides are pretty much the same. Once on the tour, the boats will pass each other & the passengers will wave & yell “hello” to the other voyagers! In this picture we are in front of the American Falls near the beginning of the tour.

IMG_0570After dressing in your new red poncho, prepare to get soaking wet & have a blast while doing it. The picture on the left was taken before we entered the falls. Trust me when I say you get right up under them – so unless you have a waterproof camera, make sure you put it away!


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